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Apple distances himself from the past to evolve

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2016 was a year of big changes for the company Apple, the Cupertino taking the decision to break up several iconic features of its products. Tim Cook seems to begin seriously to put his imprint on Apple products, but unfortunately it means giving up some of the features made popular by Steve Jobs.

It all started with the big change in iOS system 10 which did slide to unlock forgotten in favor of widgets that are available in LockScreen. Apple offered no motivation for the decision, but a lot of people criticized it and regarded it as a move made against what Steve Jobs created his company.

Now, with the new MacBook Pro Apple has removed not one but two product features, lighting and sound startup logo, both in products for years. If the startup sound not many people complain, logo lighting disappearance is lamented by a greater number of people at the moment, but surely in the future.

Apple distances himself from the past and iconic elements


Both the slide to unlock, and logo lighting highlight iPhones and Apple Macs, but without these characteristics, both products come into anonymity. Any smartphone with fingerprint reader can be unlocked just like an iPhone and any ordinary laptop has a logo of tablet mounted on the casing.

Apple has made devices with features observed over the competition like this, but now little highlight them. Maybe hardcore fans will see the change as a normal one, but we are talking about elements that brought an increasing recognition for Apple products wherever they were, they are now in a deficit.

The problem is that these few changes will come more and more important, and finally those from Apple could leave free products features that many people appreciated them. Despite this, evolution is natural, it is normal, and occasionally need to break with the past to evolve.

You what do you think?


How expand MacBook screen on two iPads

Written on July 31, 2016   By   in cydia apps

If you are looking for accessories unique to your MacBook, well can clip vide below will give you an idea about how you can become more productive, because two simple accessories and an application will allow you to expand the screen your laptop two iPads.

We are talking about an accessory called Ten One Mountie clip, it allows fixing a tablet iPad screen of a MacBook, format landscape or portrait, and using an application such as Duet Display and Air Display you can expand your desktop Mac’s on the two tablets do whatever you want.

Virtually any application that you do not want to have the screen Mac’s one you can display on screen one iPad tablets that come with it, the idea itself is very interesting and with a price of just $ 25 for Ten One Mountie Clip worth at least try the idea.


5G 5 Gbps networks are already in testing

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Although Romania began tests for implementing networking 4.5g speeds up to 1 Gbps, here in the US are testing networks 5G 5 Gbps, the AT & T starting such a test in a region of the country, they pledging to provide internet surfing speeds not available for either fixed lines.


The Verizon have already demonstrated speeds of 1.8 Gbps through mobile networks, and now the AT & T counterattacked through its own project designed to provide customers speed Internet surfing that are over 2 times greater, or at least this is the mission of US mobile operator.

The AT & T successfully completed laboratory tests for network 5G and soon will begin in Austin, Texas, first test in the real world to demonstrate that they have technology capable enough to offer customers the ability to browse the Internet at speeds up to 5Gbps, in a few years.

The first 5G network could be launched in 2017

Between AT & T and Verizon no competition really great in many ways, and this motivates companies to invest a lot of money in infrastructure development telecom in the US end users with much to gain, especially if networks 5G will go faster there than in other areas on the planet.

Despite the fact that the tests are just beginning to be made in the real world in the US, it is estimated that a mobile operator will launch the first network 5G locally by the end of 2019, others will be launched in 2019 and probably talk about extremely limited availability in the first phase.

The big problem with these networks lies in the fact that they will be extremely expensive at first, that their use will cost much more than normal, and data traffic required to use them will be much higher, so in the end users might have to pay more to use them.

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All you have to know about Cydia

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For all the new users of iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch that encountered some sets of procedures and terms that they are unfamiliar with and they meaning is not making so much sense to you all here you can find the answers to your questions. Terms like Unlocking, Jailbreaking or Cydia are foreign to some of you and the purpose of this article is to guide and explain the things you need to know.

What is Cydia? 

The answer to this question is simple: Cydia is an app designed to help you transform your ordinary apple idevice in to anything you want, you can make your everyday iPad, iPhone or iPod and make it look like an android device or even a windows device. Cydia includes some simple tweaks like boot logos, screen sliders and more advanced stuff like call recorders, tweaks for siri, tweaks for springboard and much more. The cool thing about Cydia is that it’s free to download and a big part of the sources, apps, and tweaks are free for download too. A first step you have to make for downloading and installing Cydia is that you need to jailbreak your device (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch). Cydia is not available in the Official Apple AppStore so you cannot just download and install Cydia.

All about jailbreaking and why you would you proceed to jailbreaking 

The most common question in everybody’s mind is “Why should I jailbreak my iDevice, to install Cydia?” . The strict policy of Apple considering author rights for the all the apps in the Apple AppStore and the user’s safety implied by owning an iDevice with an untouched/stock firmware you are restricted to use only apps from the AppStore, which automatically excludes Cydia. So if you want to use the hole potential of your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch you need to gain root access, meaning that you need to get the administration right on your iDevice.
Is it possible to install Cydia without having to jailbreak my iDevice? 

Excluding what some might say, this thing can’t be done, the one’s that promise you this may lure you into a trap. The only way to install Cydia is to jailbreak your device, for this you have at your disposition a lot of jailbreak procedure to help you on your way to Cydia experience, some of them even install automatically Cydia after your device was jailbroken.

Is it normal for Cydia to take a long time for loading? 

It’s not uncommon for new users to keep tweaks and apps that they no longer use on their iOS devices. A great idea is to install Cydia apps from one source and from the safest and best cydia repositories, because each source is checked and indexed for updates every time you access Cydia, thing that causes in some cases a delay. To avoid all this trouble you could try to optimize Cydia.

Jailbreaking categories

Untethered jailbreak, semi-tethered jailbreak and tethered jailbreak are the three categories available for jailbreaking, each of the providing the users a certain degree of freedom.

Which jailbreak option should I choose and what do they mean? 

Without doubt the best jailbreaking option is untethered jailbreak, for the simple reason that it allows the users to restart their iDevices whenever they want without any restriction and gives them access to every third party app previously installed.

Users are allowed to reboot their iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch even with the semi-tethered jailbreak option, with the difference that a few of the downloaded jailbreak apps can be unavailable for use until you connect you iDevice to a computer and by this action you will be able to use them properly.

The third option, the tethered jailbreak option will limit the ability to restart your Apple devices if they are not connected to a computer, to solve this problem just plug your device to a computer and then you can reboot it easily.

Tools you may need to jailbreak your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch device 

Third party jailbreaking service providers are an option for all those who have uncertainties about the jailbreaking process and by doing this you avoid messing your device; even so if you manage to “destroy” your device you have some tools to help you get them back suck as: Greenpois0n, Redsn0w, Evasi0n, Sn0wbreeze and Absinthe.

Cydia, safe or not safe? 

downloaded from Cydia, some report crashing, others are very pleased by Cydia. If want to know the truth I can say that it is somewhere between all the affirmations. You can find a lot of crashing reports but the fundamental thing all users can do is to check the compatibility and to do some research on the apps that they want to install or run on their iDevice. A safety measure you can take is to install content only from repositories that you trust or that provide good quality.

How to use the Cydia interface? 

For starters you have at your command 5 tabs available:
The HOME tab – were you can find your sponsored apps, account information, settings and source F.A.Q.
The SECTIONS tab – all the apps here are organized and divided in categories; to search your desired tweak you can simply select your interest category an start searching an browsing.
The CHANGES tab – in this section you will find all new updates and programs for already installed tweaks; every time you open Cydia this section is updated.
The MANAGE tab – here you can add or remove installed apps and repositories, manage your installed tweaks and even access the entire device storage.
The SEARCH tab – you can use this tab to search a particular tweak who’s name you already know without having to manually go through all the repositories installed in Cydia.

Repository – what is this? 

Repo, short for repository, is an online community in which developers share their tips for quick installation and access. A part of the repositories are specialized and the other part is not. Some a split in categories like apps, tweaks, ringtones and even games.

What apps can you purchase from Cydia? 

Most of the apps found on Cydia are free for download and use, but you will find some that require payment to bring you some “extra” on your iOS device. Meanwhile Apple asks you to use a iTunes Apple ID, Cydia permits users to connect using alternative id’s such as Facebook or Twitter, payments being done using gift cards from Amazon or PayPal transactions. This may look hard at the beginning, but once you’ve used it once it won’t look so hard.

What to install first as a new user of Cydia? 

There are a lot of tweaks and apps to choose for installing, and so a list of apps and tweaks to install first has been made:

iSleepWell: this tweak uses the sensors of your hardware to detect the orientation of your iOS device and when it’s placed face down on a surface it will turn off all the radios. This will basically put your device in Airplane mode whether you want to sleep or you are going into a meeting. You can find this tweak for 0.99$ in the BigBoss repository for iOS 9 and iOS 8 devices.
AssistantExtensions: if you use an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6 this is a very useful tweak, that can increase Siri’s available options. Based on the MobileSubstrate it allows hackers and developers to enhance this tweak’s extensions. BigBosses repository being the cydia repo where you can free download this tweak.
ClipboardEdit: this tweak will make a new category in your Notification Center. The clipboard text will be displayed an read automatically. A minus is that this tweak won’t work with images. It’s available for free in the BigBoss repo.
iLettars: is a skillful tweak that lets you to customize the length of the animations and slow them down or fast-forward them as you please to content your visual needs. The source on Cydia for this is ModMyi repository on a price of 1.59$.
Activator v1.6.2: for any jailbreak using this tweak is vital. It provides more than a key for jailbreaks that need Activator, as an activation method. It’s highly recommended to keep this tweak to date. To find this tweak simply use the SEARCH tab on your Cydia, and decide to a source.

Change the Way you Type with AltKeyboard Cydia Tweak

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As show in the picture, the tweak adds shift keys to the most common keypad in order to really type those particular characters quicker.
Essentially, AltKeyboard intends to simplify typing particular characters. You dont need to tap the 123 key each single time you would like to make use of a particular char. Rather, AltKeyboard lets you flick or slide up the standard key to get the particular character. For example, flicking/sliding up on Q produces 1, Z creates a span, X creates a comma etc.
AltKeyboard continues to be created by Alan Yip (of BrowseInApp and Wiretap to Widgets recognition) and Sentry (of Auxo). The tweak is on Cydias BigBoss repo for $0.99. The tweak is clearly a godsend for those who message a lot, or type in the iPhone a great deal.
A fast video how to make use of AltKeyboard Cydia Tweak:

The tweak hasn’t many settings to deal with. For longtime iPhone users, this may have some time to get used to.
iGB: Your favourite tweaks?
Alan: Activator, an ideal gesture tweak
iGB: What can you think of iOS generally? The plus(es) as well as the minus(es)?
Great user interface that delivers consistent expertise in every programs
Not enough extensibility for third party programmers to produce parts for iOS (e.g. telling facility widget)
Alan: Personally, i believe creating tweaks for iOS 8.4.1 is more challenging than for iOS 9 because occasionally there are system/API which are limited to iOS 6, which causes programmers need additional time to make backward compatibility.
iGB: Important expectancies for iOS 8?
 Some JB users just need a customized computer keyboard or telling facility widgets on their apparatus. It’s going to be wonderful for Apple to permit iOS apps to get their particular widget revealed in telling facility in iOS 9.
iGB: How has the reception to Spigot to Widgets been? Future strategies for the tweak?
Alan: It’s the most well-known tweak among my works. I’ve planned on releasing an upgrade in June. So stay tuned for this.
Alan: Among my customers asked me to develop one and I found it is really interesting and difficult. Thats how I began my development in jailbreak community.
Alan: It’s very difficult. Since I wasn’t even understood by anyone on Twitter as well as in jailbreak community, it’s difficult to expose my first tweak on Internet.

Jailbreak your Iphone 5s or 6 Plus running on IOS 8.2

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Everybody is doing research work on the internet to find ways to jailbreak their Iphone running on IOS 8. It is said that IOS 8.2 Jailbreak is not released, due to the fact that its development is not ready yet.
There are no certain ways to jailbreak IOS 8.3 on iPhone 5s/6, but there are rumors such as a new tool for this is about to be released. As far as Evad3rs have declared, they are still collecting information on how does their project works on IOS 8.1.3. Although they have confirmed that every iPhone 5s,6 will receive Jailbreak for IOS 8.2, when the user launches the new tool.
In addition to this, Evad3rs are waiting for newer updates for IOS 8, in order to repair their faults on IOS 8.3.

Jailbreak your iPhone 5s/6 running on IOS 8.2:
It is said that Jailbreaking IOS 8.1.3 would be quite simple, at the moment when it will be released. Jailbreak for IOS 8 will look like a tool for computers, where users will have to connect their iPhone with their computer to launch jailbreak  for IOS 8.3.
Ways to Jailbreak IOS 8.1.2/ Jailbreak iOS 8.x with Evasi0n7 Jailbreak:
The iOS 8.2 jailbreak will be compatible with all operating systems, and these are the available links where users cand download it. Do not forget to add this page to favorites for later use. In addition to this, after iOS 8.1.3/8.2 will be released, Winocm and iH8sn0w announced that iOS 8.3 will also be released.
Can you wait for the iOS 8.3 Jailbreak, or you expect hackers to release an earlier version of iOS 8 Jailbreak before the iOS 8.1.3 Jailbreak release?
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20 Must-haves on iOS 7 Cydia

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Best of the Best Cydia Tweaks

iOS 7 has been jailbroken 3 months ago, in December, when evasi0n 7, the untethered jailbreak tool for iOS 7, was released. Although at first there were some problems using the Cydia apps, many of the initial bugs were fixed and now more applications support iOS 7. Therefore, the users can now choose from a variety of Cydia apps for iOS 7. And because we want you not to waste any time searching for the apps that really work properly on iOS 7, here are the 20 must-haves of Cydia apps for iOS 7. The good news is that most of them are free.

1. Activator – Centralized gestures and shortcut management for iOS

Called by some users the backbone of so many Cydia tweaks, Activator allows you to set up gesture-based controls of almost anything, making life a lot easier and it’s free. By installing Activator, a whole lot of things that were done manually can now be done with simple gestures. Most likely, if you jailbroken your device, Activator is already installed by default, and that’s because lots of other jailbreak tweaks rely on Activator to work. In January, Activator has been updated to add support for Touch ID, so it can be used for any Activator action not just the Home button.

2. BiteSMS – SMS text messaging is now faster

BiteSMS is also completely free, allowing the users to compose or reply to messages much quicker. The free jailbreak app serves as “a complete souped-up replacement for the built-in Messages application”, according to its release notes. It has features such as Quick Compose, Quick Reply, Scheduled Messages and Auto-Forwarding.

3. BatterySafe – Longer iPhone battery life

Another free useful tweak is BatterySafe, which kicks right in when the battery percentage gets below the set value. So, automatically, the brightness of your iPhone is reduced and the Bluetooth and Wi-fi are disabled.

4. Bypass – Secret gesture for bypassing the lockscreen

No more entering the passcode password again and again on your iOS device, thanks to this free app, that allows you to bypass the lockscreen simply by performing an assigned activator gesture. The tweak requires Activator to work.

5. Bigify – Customizing icons

If you want to customize icons on your jailbroken device, the solution is to use the free jailbreak app called Bigify. You can resize your icons, apply textures, rotate them and get rid of labels.

6. Bytafont 2 – More stylish fonts

Bytafont 2 is a free jailbreak tweak that allows you to change the system font on your jailbroken iOS device. You can download various fonts both from the app itself and from Cydia, so you can now really customize your iOS Device’s font.

7. CCHide – Personalizing the Control Center

If you don’t use some sections of the Control Center, then just hide them. You can do this with the new tweak in Cydia, CCHide, which allows you to control what you want and what you don’t want to be in your Control Centre. It’s all about personal preference and it’s also free. This tweak is not compatible with CCControls.

8. CCControls – Customizing at its best

Another free tweak that really worth your time checking out. CCControls primarily focuses on customizing the shortcut toggles that appear at the top of the Control Center. As we said before, the CCControl tweak is not compatible with CCHide, as they are both trying to do approximately the same thing.

9. HiddenSettings 7 – For experts only

This advanced tweak enables hidden settings for the iOS 7 jailbreak. Using HidenSetting 7, users can access Apple’s hidden internal SpringBoard settings menu. Be aware though! Unless you really know what you’re getting in to, you should not tinker around too much with these settings. But if you want to give it a try, the good news is that it’s free.

10. iTunes Radio Unlimited – More music, no more adds

By downloading this free tweak, the users will get rid of the skips limits and the ads in the iTunes Radio app.

11. SwitchSpring – Killing all apps

SwitchSpring gives you an easy way to kill all apps from the multitasking tray in one go, by only a simple gesture, along with a re-spring option. The app can be downloaded for free.

12. iCleanerPro – No more storage space issue

If you want to thoroughly clean up your iPhone, this is the app for you. The free jailbreak tweak called iCleaner Pro scans your iOS device for unnecessary files, such as cache files, removing them.

13. Virtual Home –No more excessive clicking

This is a Touch ID fingerprint sensor based jailbreak tweak. It gives users the possibility to simply just tap the home button instead of pressing it to go home. Moreover, for opening the multitasking menu, it is sufficient to simply tap and hold the home button.

14. Winterboard – A graphical overhaul

Winterboard is a theming tweak for jailbroken iPhone. It allows themes to be installed onto the iPhone, bypassing Apple’s legacy control over the interface. It is also free.

15. Zeppelin – Changing logo

Zeppelin, another free Cydia tweak, allows you to change your iPhone’s carrier logo. You can pick one included but it also lets you add more customized icons/logos.

16. iCaughtu – Anti theft app

You can download iCaughtu for extra security to your iOS device. This jailbreak app allows you to take a picture with the front camera when someone enters the wrong passcode. The picture is then sent to you via email, along with information such as location and a map. iCaughtu is basically free, but it can cost $2.50 with extra features.

17. iFile – File manager and viewer

Install iFile to access the filesystem from an app on the device. “iFile is your tool for advanced management and customization of files on your device”, as Suarik explains. Users can use the app to create directories, open files, transfer files via Bluetooth over Wi-Fi and access files. The app has a free trial period of 7 days, and then it’s $4.99.

18. TetherMe – Personal hotspot tethering

TetherMe is a popular iOS 7 hotspot jailbreak app for iPhone and iPad. Although it’s true that iOS offers hotspot feature, it does come with carrier limitations.
TetherMe overrides this carrier limitation, so you can set up your hotspot freely. It costs $4.99

19. AirBlue Sharing 7 – Bluetooth on!

AirBlue Sharing 7 is a tweak that allows users to share files from iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to users of other devices. It supports files such as music, PDF files, videos and more. It’s also compatible with Mac Os X, Blackberry, Windows, Android and other phones that are Bluetooth enabled. The tweak can be downloaded for $4.99.

20. BioLockdown – Block applications with fingerprint

This tweak that protects your apps costs $1.99. BioLockdown utilizes Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint technology to protect access to apps, settings and Control Center switches.

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vShare by

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That is vShare and have another Installous option on our Cydia apparatus and earlier we talked about Appcake, you may have heard it is name on

Installous can now not be used, as the program isn’t supported in iOS 7.

The one software that’s actually struck out is the vShare program, although there are various alternative software accessible. By far it appears to function as the most promising program from Cydia. vShare was a great applications to run .IPA files, also it has been upgraded to run on iOS 7. This software was formerly called AppVV.

vShare is somewhat distinct from Installous. And so the user interface, as well as the format could be somewhat different. There really are several similarities, but the versions make this software intriguing and popular on the list of users.

VShare install and to download on Cydia

Installing vShare is not very difficult, and anyone could get it done. One only needs to follow the measures given, while installing, with no difficulties will probably be faced. Using all so that most download, of that you will get premium Cydia programs free of charge.

There really are several things which might be needed on iOS 7 devices for the setup.

The initial things which might be mandatory are the apparatus should be jailbroken. No matter the apparatus might be iPad or an iPhone, jailbreaking is certainly essential.
The next thing that is most significant is the fact that Cydia from iCydiaBlog must be installed.
A functioning internet connection can also be needed. The setup will probably be smoother and faster if a 3G connection is, but nonetheless, in addition it works good for EDGE and 2G networks.
AppSync can also be needed.
We have to get Appsync so that you can have vShare. Below is the detailed guide that will follow to get vShare repo on Cydia empowered iPod iPhone and iPad.

To download AppSync, simply Cydia that is open, and after that exploit on Edit after that, and Handle, then select Sources. Then exploit Add or download from
Afterward go on and hunt for AppSync 7.0.

Faucet vShare installed it and exhibited results.

Following the setup is complete, as one could do from Installous you can download and install programs from vShare right. AppSync sync the downloaded files to the unit and ill subsequently install them.
VShare is better and very popular . That is much better than waiting for time limits, captcha and download software. Utilizing the brand new upgrade, it could be used on lower variation apparatus or any iOS 7.

Download Cydia and Jailbreak your iPhone 5S

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I can bet that some of you have avoided to upgrade to iOS 7 so far for various reasons. I came up with a short list of just two of them that I consider important:

1. The Apple Maps: we pretty much know there were some issues with them in the past, right?
2. The second reason, which I believe is much more of an obstacle for most people, can be that you simply weren’t able to Jailbreak your iPhone 5S and Download Cydia for Free.

Luckily for you, this last reason should no longer represent a problem for you now. Why? Well, there’s a new version of Jailbreak in the hood: the one for iOS 7.

Before getting too excited about it, let me tell you that jailbreaking the iOS 7 might not be for everyone (especially if you are just an average user). Now that I got this off my chest, let me bring you the good news: Cydia Downloads once you do Jailbreak your device, be it an iPhone or iPad, you can then do basically anything with it, such as connecting your handset to the computer and surfing the Internet using your PC’s connection, when you can’t find a good Wi-Fi source. Of course, there are other benefits, too. You can add apps that normally wouldn’t be approved in the Apple App Store, or customize your iPhone’s home screen.

However, Apple might not be too happy with you jailbreaking your device any would limit the Cydia Download for iPhone. You will be warned that if you do so, you will kiss your warranty goodbye. But, that’s not such a big deal, because all you need to do to return your device to its factory defaults, is to simply do a Restore. Here’s a dirty little secret about some Apple employees: some of them DO actually have jailbroken iPhones themselves too!

Without any further ado, here’s a list of 9 steps on how to Jailbreak your device (works for iPhone 5, iPhone 4 and iPad running iOS 7):

1. Get the newest version of iTunes and install it on your PC;
2. Don’t forget to backup anything you deem important. If something goes horribly wrong in the process of jailbreaking your device, you will still be able to restore it back to its previous known settings;
3. You will need the newest version of the Jailbreak software/ Cydia Download for Free (you can Get Cydia from;
4. It’s time to plug your device into your PC;
5. There will be a „Jailbreak” button showing on your monitor(Cydia will be Downloaded in just a few seconds);
6. Go ahead and click it;
7. Be patient. It’ll probably take some minutes for the process to complete;
8. Wait for your iPhone to reboot;
9. If everything you did so far was correct, then you should be able to find the Cydia Download Store app on your home screen;
10. Enjoy this simple to use tutorial and the ability to Download Cydia Apps.
Your work here is now done. Hopefully, your device has been jailbroken successfully and you can now enjoy all the „guilty pleasures” you have awaited for so long! Don’t you love Cydia, now just Download your favorite Apps and Tweaks available here.
Don’t forget that, if there’s anything you don’t like about your jailbroken iPhone, you can always restore it to its factory settings anytime you want!